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John Maclachlan

Sept 13, 1947 - May, 9, 2024

Member 2020-2024
Director at Large 2022,
Social Director 2023-2024

Organizer of 90th Anniversary

Golf Extravaganza


Remembrance - John Maclachlan
Sep 13, 1947 - May 9, 2024

West Point members were stunned and saddened by the sudden and tragic passing of John Maclachlan on May 9 while he was on a cruise vacation in Croatia with his wife, Maureen. John joined our Club in 2020 and has been a vital part of our membership, being a larger than life individual, and golf enthusiast.
Invited to join the Board in 2022 as Director at Large, John took the reins of organizing our 90 th anniversary extravaganza, working closely with Gregg Hook, Brian Montpellier and Bruce Simpson. It was an amazingly successful event, featuring many members and invited guests
sporting golf attire similar to the 1930’s era, and creating an opportunity for everyone to hit the ball with BC Golf Museum vintage golf clubs.
For the past two seasons, John has served as our Social Director and continually strived to provide opportunities for our members to come together off the links.

On the course, John was a great player to have in your foursome, and a good partner. We remember John as a great guy, true gentleman and having a wonderful sense of humour and an engaging personality.

Sadly, he leaves behind his wife, Maureen, their family, and many friends.



Rob Sandhu

October 23, 1949 to January 7, 2024

Captain's Table 2013-2017

Hole-in-One 2018


Despite a long-term illness and several health issues, Rob carried on playing golf for many years. He joined West Point in 2008 and retired from the Club in 2018, to focus on his play with the Monday retired teachers group at Fraserview. He took over the organization of tee times and foursomes from Hugh Marshall until Rob’s health declined in recent years.
Rob could be recognized by his genuine and infectious laugh both on the links and at the 19th hole. He was a vivacious individual and always keen to engage in light or deep conversations; his background
knowledge was incredible. Rob was a popular and effective teacher in Vancouver and served his colleagues in many leadership and mentoring roles, spending many quality years at David Thompson Secondary.
He leaves behind his wife, Jaspal, and daughter Jeevan, sons Rajan and Sarji and two grandchildren.


Lorne Lindsay



Gary Sinclair

September 30, 1932 - December 8, 2023

President 2004-2005

Lifetime Member 2011
Honorary Member 2020
Website Creator 2005



We have lost another of our valued and long-time members. With Gary’s passing in early December, he leaves a host of good friends, especially his foursome members Ed, Hugh and Wayne.
Gary had been an outstanding athlete, excelling in rugby and baseball, before he took up golf. During his career, Gary was a revered teacher, coach and mentor to many students at UBC who praised his
considerable ability to engage them.
Gary joined West Point Golf Club in ‘02 and served in executive capacities for 12 years, including president in 2004 and 2005 and past president for 3 years.
Part of his legacy to our Club was the 2005 development of our beloved and esteemed website, which was a result of Gary’s curiosity, dedication and perseverance. He continued to improve it until he
semi-stepped down in 2016. He also edited the Divot Dust, initially producing quarterly issues and ultimately an annual chronicle of our events.
In respect for his outstanding contributions to our Club, Gary was recognized as a Lifetime Member in 2011, and upon the completion of his active golf, was awarded an Honorary Membership in 2020.
We will miss this quiet individual of strong character, wonderful sense of humour and ability to relate to everyone.
Gary leaves behind his wife of 66 years, Myfanwy, and daughters Robyn and Dana and their families.

Lorne Lindsay


Joe Hurley

September 21, 1931- April 21, 2023

Retired in 2019


Joe was born in Lillooet and lived in Manitoba, Quebec and Europe before settling in Vancouver. He flew F-86 Sabre jets for 6 years with the RCAF, taught secondary Social Studies for 31 years and was a particularly chatty and friendly golfer. After retiring from West Point, he continued to play with the Monday teachers’ group at Fraserview.
Joe was a member of WPGC from 2008 until 2018 and was successful in many competitions. A favourite story involved playing golf with 3 buddies at Troon, Scotland. Each started with 12 golf balls and they had used them all by the 7 th hole!
Joe was 91 when he died earlier this year.

Lorne Lindsay


Hans Stausboll

January 3, 1928 – February 3, 2023

Retired in 2011

Hans was a loyal and committed member of West Point from 1998 to 2012. He was the Editor of our Divot Dust publication from 2002-05, injecting some humour into our lives. Hans said the experience was enjoyable and educational.
While with his wife, Sheila, on their 20 th annual winter vacation in Providenciales Turks and Caicos, Hans took a fall in February and was immediately taken by ambulance to the hospital. Despite excellent
treatment, he passed away within days, at age 95. He was in good spirits until the last moment.

Lorne Lindsay



Roger Jung

May 30, 1936- November 12, 2022

Retired in 2022


Joined Westpoint in 2012

Roger was an active member until he retired at the end of the 2021 season. Roger was the Senior Master Gross Champion in 2016. 

Roger leaves behind his wife Roberta, daughter Jill, son Chris and two granddaughters, Lauren and Ally.
For more information about Roger, click on Sketch above.

Gordon Rogers

September 15, 1949 - October 12, 2022

Joined Westpoint in 2022

Unfortunately,Gordon played only a few rounds with West Point in this, his only season with the club. Gord had an illustrious soccer career. He won a Canada Games gold medal with BC Selects in 1979, was a FIFA Assistant Referee, a referee in BC for 43 years, coach, instructor, BC Soccer Board member and Director of a number of other soccer associations. His career highlight was officiating at a Concacaf Gold Cup Final at Azteca Stadium in Mexico in front of 130,000 fans. Gord’s soccer biography is on the BC Soccer Heritage “Roll of Honour”:

Jack Whelan

September 9, 1948- July 5, 2022

Retired in 2018

September 9, 1948 – July 5, 2022

Jack was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland-Labrador. He got his seaman’s papers and worked on boats from BC to Alaska to South America and beyond. He and his wife, Lee-Ann, travelled the world,
living in England, Qatar and Oman before settling in Vancouver. They had 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Jack spent 34 years as an ESL instructor, mostly at Vancouver Community College. He loved teaching and helping his students master English and adapt to their new lives in Canada.
Baseball, basketball and tennis were his sports while growing up; golf and pickleball became favourites later in life.
Jack was a Regular member of West Point from 2013 until he left due to ill health in 2017, becoming an Associate member. (Tom Becher was his brother-in-law.)

Lorne, with some info from obituary



Neil Watson

Oct. 12, 1939 - 23 July, 2021

Retired in 2020


Neil joined West Point Golf Club in 2006 and played fairly regularly until 2018.
His lowest handicap was 18 and he enjoyed telling the story of his hole-in-one at Riverway’s 11th hole. Among his favourite local courses were Redwoods, Langara & Fraserview. Highlight games were the two occasions when he shot 79 at Fraserview.
Neil also enjoyed many golf vacations in Palm Springs with a group of good friends.
Neil leaves behind his wife, Denny, their three sons (Scott, Steve and Trevor) and his younger brother, Garry (and Lynn).
For more background information about Neil, click on Sketch above.
Lorne Lindsay

Don Rotherham

28 June, 1930 - 7 June, 2021

Senior Master Net Champion
2014 & 2016
Handicap Play Flight C 2014
LeBlanc Shield (26 Up) 2007, 2011
Senior Master Champion 2011
Parker Shield 2006
Joe Dwyer (19-24) 2005


Don began golfing at age 21 and following his retirement as a distinguished Exploration Geologist, joined West Point Golf club in 2005.  He started winning competitions right away and continued until 2016 when he won the Senior Master Net Championship for the second time.  He was unflappable on the links and never a discouraging word escaped from his lips.
In his later years with the Club, Don became an Associate Member but still enjoyed the occasional game until 2020. He was a great guy to sit with after golf, telling stories and recalling favourite events.  He had a great sense of humour and an infectious laugh.  Don is survived by his children James, Juliane and Alex and six grandchildren.
For more background information, click on Sketch above.

Lorne Lindsay


Alan (Al) Williams

24 July, 1924 - 7 June, 2020

Social Director
Ed Angel 1995
Neil McIntyre 1991

Former and long-time member, Al Williams, passed away at the age of 95.  He was a true Vancouverite, born at VGH.  His mother was the first baby born in Sidney, BC, after it became a township in 1891, and his father was born in Esquimalt in 1888. 
Al caddied at the old Jericho GC as a 16-year-old in 1940.  He went on to play to a 9 handicap.  Alan joined West Point in 1990 and was an active playing member for over 20 years, before becoming an Associate Member in 2012 and ultimately relinquishing his membership in 2020.  Al served on our Executive as Social Director for seven years, 1992-98.  He enjoyed the Club socials, including the AGM, and was a frequent attendee at memorial services for former members.    He was a great storyteller and always contributed to a conversation.  Alan had many varied jobs and was successful in all of them.
Lorne Lindsay 

John Hale

6 January, 1947 - 15 April, 2020

Stroke Play Flight C
Champion 2018

Ed Gibbon

September 15, 1926 – February 22, 2020

Retired in

Ed worked as a securities broker and then travelled the world in retirement. He was a Renaissance man, tended a beautiful rose garden and excelled at golf. He acted in community theatre, loved classical music and opera. He was a proficient speaker, often stimulating laughter from his audience.

Ed joined West Point in 1982, the same year as Hugh Marshall. He was a member for 20 years, until 2012. He died in 2020 at the age of 93. His perennial optimism, gentle nature and humour will be missed.

Lorne Lindsay



Roy Moulton
Roy Moulton

17 June, 1928 - 7 December, 2019

Honorary Membership - Nov. 2015
Lifetime Member - Nov. 2009
Handicap Manager 2004 - 2010
Secretary 2002, 2003
Past President 1996, 1997, 2001
President 1994, 1995

Charter Member 1986
Ed Angel 2007
Handicap Champion 2nd Flight 2005
West Point Golf Club has been blessed with many exceptional volunteers over the years.  Roy Moulton was one of these gentlemen who gave tirelessly of his time and shared his enthusiasm for the game of golf with the members he served.  Roy joined the original West Point Golf Club in 1970 and played at the University Golf Club until the Club split into two groups.  In 1986, Roy became a Charter Member of the group that moved to play at McCleery Golf Course.  He began his tenure on the Club Executive as Secretary in 1992 and 1993.  His excellent administrative skills were recognized and he served as President for two years and then Past President in 1996, 1997 and again in 2001.  You can’t keep a good man down, so he came back to take on the secretarial duties for 2002 and 2003.  He assisted editor Hans Stausboll with collating and mailing early editions of the Divot Dust.  Roy was also
our Handicap Manager, operating behind the scenes from 2004 until 2010, when
Ray Dujardin took over.  Roy`s years of outstanding service to the members were recognized at the 2009 Annual General Meeting when Roy became the second recipient of a Lifetime Membership, following inaugural honoree, Dave Fairweather (2008).  When Roy’s age and health forced him to leave the Club in 2015, the Executive bestowed on him the title of Honorary Member, following fellow Charter Members, Jesse Cove (2010) and Dave Fairweather (2013). 
A few highlights in Roy`s golfing career:
2005 Club Championship Handicap Flight 2 winner, 2005 Super Senior runner-up, 2005 McIntyre 36-hole net Flight C runner-up, 2006 Club Championship
Flight 2 runner-up and 2007 Ed Angel 2-man net 36 holes, winner with Bob Schutz.

In addition to looking after himself, Roy devoted much of his time to caring for his
wife, Patricia, until she passed away in 2016.  Roy moved to a care facility near
False Creek several years ago and passed away on December 7, at the age of 91.
He will be remembered as a fine gentleman and for his countless contributions to
the West Point Golf Club and he will be missed.
                                                                                                Lorne Lindsay
Here is the Obituary prepared by his niece.

Jack Bradshaw Pomfret

22 Nov., 1922 - 6 Nov., 2019

Retired 2005 ??
A BC and UBC Sports Hall of Famer and "one of the great all-round athletes in BC sports history" was also a West Pointer. Unfortunately, there are no confirmed records of his time and golf prowess with West Point. Here is his Obituary.

Gordon Lloyd Shipham

11 Feb., 1928 - 28 Oct., 2019

Palcutta 2012
TNT Langara 2011
TNT McCleery 2010
Match Play Champion Flight C 2010
Joe Dwyer 2002
Ed Angel 1999
Neil McIntyre 1999
Parker Shield 1997, 1998, 2000

Retired 2016
He was a force to be reckoned with - independent & self-reliant until the end. Lloyd was born in Davidson, Saskatchewan and spent his early years in Eyebrow, SK, with his parents, George and Minnie Shippam, & his big brother Bill. His early schooling was in a one-room schoolhouse in Eyebrow, starting at about age 4. Once Bill started school, Lloyd, being bored at home, wandered across the street to the school at recess and joined in. Curling and skating were wintertime activities along with the Friday night dances where his parents played in the band. In 1935 the family left Saskatchewan because the crops were so poor & settled in the Collingwood neighbourhood of Vancouver, many of their neighbours following.
Lloyd continued his schooling at Lord Nelson, Secord and Norquay elementary schools & John Oliver Secondary, skipping two grades along the way. His family was actively involved with Collingwood United Church, Lloyd in Scouts & in the choir, where he later met Isabel Williamson. After graduation in 1945, Lloyd began a 5 year apprenticeship with Sterling Shipyards as an engine fitter & machinist. This led to employment with The Canadian Fishing Company as Second Engineer on the packer M.V. Cape Bathurst, traveling around Vancouver Island picking up fish, followed by a couple of years at Durand Machine Works in New Westminster, working alongside long-time friend Syd Bulford. Lloyd & Isabel married in 1949 & had four children. Lloyd joined the Vancouver Fire Dept. in 1954 working for 2 years in the fire hall, then 31 years on the fireboats - 12 years on the J. H. Carlisle in the False Creek area, then 19 years on Vancouver Fireboat No. 2 as Chief Engineer, taking early retirement in 1988 when "his" boat was sold to San Francisco.
Lloyd worked long hours to support his growing family and in his leisure time loved curling, golfing, skiing, & family summer vacations horse-back riding. He & Isabel also enjoyed cruising & their trips to Scotland & England to visit relatives, as well as holidays in Spain, Portugal, Hawaii & the Caribbean. Lloyd always had a huge vegetable garden in the backyard, a legacy of his Prairie roots, & truly had a "green thumb", taking great pride in his tomatoes & geraniums. He was good at everything he did & instilled in his kids a strong work ethic & high standards. He is survived by his three daughters Laurie Stowe (Tom), Leah Williams (Mark Dowding) & Lynn Stibbard, grandchildren Danny, David, Vanora (Mike), Kindra (Kevin), Tegan, Michael & Jaime, as well as two great-granddaughters, cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbours & many friends. He was predeceased by his beloved wife Isabel in 2015, son Terry in 2018, & brother Bill in 2017. Lloyd appreciated the companionship of staff & residents of Shannon Oaks during the past year. He was loved & will be missed.

Don Clancy

28 Dec., 1932 - 11 Sept., 2019

Don was born in Halifax, attended school there before moving to Vancouver and then Dawson Creek and on to Victoria, where he worked for the Attorney General, primarily doing litigation. His talents were recognized and he was appointed as a Judge to the Supreme Court of BC. Following retirement, he spent 4 years on the BC Review Board, working part-time. Don and his wife loved to travel, seeing much of the world and wintering in Palm Desert or Hawaii.

Don joined West Point in 2004, became an Associate member in 2017 and passed away two years later at the age of 86. He was always willing to assist the membership and served as the coordinator for the McIntyre competition for several years. He won the Parker Shield and Ed Angel events as well as the handicap flight in stroke play. Don was a true gentleman,
Retired 2018

Lorne Lindsay

Ed Murray

26 March, 1943 - 31 July, 2019

Ed Angel 2009 - 2010
LeBlanc Shield (19-24) 2009

Retired 2014
Ed joined West Point in 2009 and from all accounts enjoyed playing with us until retiring in 2014. He will be remembered for the fine gentleman he was, but his
lasting fame will be because of his influence on junior football in BC.
"Ed Murray began his ascent into junior football lore as the coach of the Vancouver Meralomas from 1967 to 1974 where he lead the team to eight consecutive league records and seven consecutive provincial championships. Murray is second all-time
in win percentages (52-3-1) and leads in playoff win percentages (10-2)."
He was honoured at the 2013 BC Lions Orange Helmet Awards (Pioneer Award).
The awards were created to recognize the provincial champions for all levels of amateur football plus pioneers, coaches and lifetime achievers to the game from across British Columbia.

In 2014 Ed Murray was inducted into the BC Football Hall of Fame.

Bill Johnson

16 April, 1924 - 23 June, 2019

Past President 2004 - 2005
President 2002 - 2003
Secretary 2001
Treasurer 1994 - 1995

Joe Dwyer Shield 2002

Retired 2006
William (Bill) Johnson P. Eng.

Bill retired from BC Hydro in 1984 & then spent many enjoyable summers on the links with University Men’s Midweek & West Point golf clubs.  He was a willing volunteer & served as our Club President for two years.  Bill was a well-liked & respected member.  As a past president, he was invited to attend our 80th birthday celebration at the October 2012 AGM, & enjoyed the opportunity to renew acquaintances.

Maurice Foisy

3 April, 1933 - 10 May, 2019

Treasurer 2001

Retired 2016
Maurice joined West Point Golf Club in 1998 and thoroughly enjoyed the golf and
the camaraderie until 2014, when his C.O.P.D. began to interfere too much with
the game he loved and he switched to an Associate Membership.   Maurice was a legend in the local radio scene for over 40 years; his show “Man About Town” on CHQM was very popular during the 70s and 80s.  He gave back to his community by fundraising for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and lending his golden voice for readings for the visually impaired.  Maurice is remembered as a true gentleman.
Lorne Lindsay

Ben Oxholm

4 Sept., 1930 - 19 Jan., 2019

Vice Captain 2005
Parker Shield
(25 & Up) 2007
Flight C Champion 2007
Parker Shield 2004

Retired 2016
Brigadier General Bendt Alexander O’Neill Oxholm, CMM (retired)
was born in Severn Sisters Falls, Manitoba. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy at a young age to train as a pilot. This was the beginning of a lustrous career that lasted 32 years. His last posting was CFB Trenton as Commander Canadian Forces Training Systems. Prior to his retirement in 1982, he was awarded the Order of Military Merit, Commander Level. This medal is awarded for “outstanding meritorious services in duties of great responsibility.”  Following retirement, Bendt started a new career and worked for another 30 years, making many new friends. He enjoyed his life, his work, his friends, and his many hours on the golf course!”


George Benoit Doiron

11 Mar., 1924 - 19 Nov., 2018

George was born in Saskatoon, travelled to Vancouver in his teens, worked in logging camps until ‘43 when he joined the Canadian Navy.  After the war, he learned log scaling and then spent 35 wonderful years working in camps and sawmills up and down the BC coast, retiring in 1983.
He loved to travel and play golf, visiting Thailand at least 8 times and also travelled with groups of fellow golfers, staying 4 to 6 weeks and playing as many courses as possible while in Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia.  He had a hole-in-one at Twin Lakes GC near Penticton.  He was a member of West Point from 2006 to 2016.  When he was 83 he won the Bud Brown Eclectic competition for his handicap division.

Retired 2016

Sam Shalaby

24 Feb., 1942 - 12 Oct., 2018

Captain's Table
2014 - 2015
Putting Jamboree
Coordinator 2013

Retired 2016
Sam started golfing after retirement and loved the game.  More than that, he loved playing with members of our Club as well as Burnaby Mountain Senior Men’s Club.  He was a member of West Point, and a willing volunteer, from 2012 until 2015.  Sam was an extremely proud man and was very compassionate and considerate of others.  In 2016 when his wife became sick, he left the Club to take care of her.  Since then, his own health deteriorated and a few weeks ago, Sam and his wife, Verena, moved into a care facility in Burnaby.  Sam will be remembered fondly by those members who played golf with him and enjoyed his good humour following the game.
Lorne Lindsay

Jim Mackie

23 November, 1940 - 7 June, 2018
Treasurer 2015 - 2017
Secretary 2009
Social Director 2007 - 2008

Bob Jack Coordinator: 2007 - 2017
Mayfair Lakes 2014 - 2016
Point Roberts 2013

Palcutta 2009 & 2014
TNT McCleery 2005 & 2013
Joe Dwyer 2005 & 2012
Ed Angel 2011
Neil McIntyre 2009
Bud Brown Eclectic 2008
Bob Jack 2007, 2008
It is with sadness that I inform you that Jim Mackie passed away peacefully at the Hospice facility in North Vancouver last evening.  Jim had been battling a
form of lung cancer for the past 18 months.  It was striking how calmly and
peacefully Jim dealt with his treatments and with his prognosis, a testament to his character and a model to us all. 
Jim joined West Point in 2005, and served on the Board as the Social Director for 2007 and 2008.  He rejoined the Board as Treasurer for 2015 through 2017.  His calm demeanour and wise counsel was always appreciated.
                                                                                                Doug Blackman

Arnold Tennant

 June 19, 1929 – January 8, 2018

Retired 2012
Arnold enjoyed a very successful business life, finishing his sales career with Swarovski Crystal.  He was well-liked and charmed everyone he met.  Arnold was the last of his regular golfing foursome to leave us, preceded by Bruce Groom (2012), Dave Fairweather (2014) and Doug Symonds (2017).  Arnold joined West Point in 2004 and was a very popular member of the Club until the end of the 2012 season, when he hung up his clubs at the age of 83.
Arnold served on the Captain’s Committee in 2006 and assisted with the Putting Jamboree.  He was the Super Senior Champion in 2005 and was runner-up the following year.  In 2006 he won the Ed Angel competition with Geof Trunkfield and was victorious in the LeBlanc and Parker Shield event.
Lorne Lindsay


Doug Symonds

10 June, 1918 - 28 August, 2017

Club Champion 1987

Joe Dwyer Shield 2006
Ab Miles Tankard 2005
Ed Angel 1997
Doug LeBlanc Shield 1991
Roli Parker Shield Eclectic 1990 & 1992
Shot His Age - Multiple Times
Retired 2012
Charter Member 1986

Doug Symonds was a Charter Member of the West Point Golf Club (1986) and
was an excellent golfer, shooting his age several times.  Following his retirement
from West Point in 2012, Doug and his daughter, Susan Gregg, purchased a
home together in the Nanaimo area.  Even though Doug was in his mid 90s at the time, he was still very strong and spent considerable time working in the yard,
moving heavy boulders and other objects to get the yard in good shape.  In the summer of 2013, Doug suffered a couple of minor strokes, but nothing too debilitating.  He had some more minor strokes in 2017, but still retained his speech and other faculties. As he aged, it finally became too much for his daughter to
care for him, so he spent his final days in a seniors home in Parksville.  Susan found the daily trips to visit too exhausting so she moved to Nanoose Bay to be closer
to her father.  Doug celebrated his 99th birthday in June 2017.  Doug was a very proud man, a real gentleman and always wore a smile.  He was a dedicated member of West Point for 26 years and loved his time golfing with members.
Lorne Lindsay

David Haddleton

February 1, 1935 - 25 August, 2017

Captain 2006
Director-at-Large 2005

TNT Langara 2011
TNT McCleery 2007 & 2011

Many of us will remember David fondly as a keen sportsman.
He was first and foremost an accomplished yachtsman, winning many prestigious races, as well as being in business selling yachts in Granville Island. In addition, he excelled at cricket, rugby, squash, and golf. He joined West Point in 2002, was Director-at-Large in 2005, and Club captain in 2006. Lorne Lindsay featured him in one of his memorable  “Member’s Sketches” in 2014. We will always remember
David for his jovial camaraderie and his unique style. We’ll miss him greatly.
Andrew Hobbs
Glen Lockhart

2 February, 1936 - 23 July, 2017

Hole-in-One 2012
Ab Miles Tankard 2012
Shot His Age 2012
Stroke Play Champion 2004 & 2005
Club Champion 2004 & 2005
Putting Jamboree Winner 2003

Regrettably we have lost another retired member of our Club, Glen Lockhart,
whom many of us remember as a skillful and exacting golfer.
Andrew Hobbs

Harold Hunter

14 April, 1923 - 6 November, 2016

1996 - 1997
Joe Dwyer
(25+) 2007

Hole-in-One 2007

Retired 2015

Harold was our Treasurer in 1996 and 1997, and a keen supporter of West Point
until he retired in 2015. He will be greatly missed by those of us who served with him on the Board, and his friends in the Club.
Andrew Hobbs

John Dennison

4 June, 1929 - 26 June, 2016

Palcutta Auctioneer
Par Excellence

Old-timers will remember Dr. John Dennison who was a member of WPGC from
1994 to 2006. At least 30 of our current members will remember John
who died on June 26 at the age of 87. John moved to Canada from Australia in1957. After earning his doctorate from Washington State University,
he joined the Faculty of Education at UBC in 1962.
He retired as Emeritus Professor of Higher Education in 1994 after having served in the Department of Higher Education for thirty years as a teacher and researcher in his discipline, as well as with the Department of Educational Studies.
He had been actively involved in the development of the higher education system in B.C. from the early 1960's and was regarded as a top expert on Canadian Community Colleges. John was a superlative educator, revered by his students,
respected by his peers and renowned as a raconteur.
He is fondly remembered in the WPGC as a popular and proficient auctioneer at many of our Palcutta events before he retired from the Club in 2006.
John was a lifelong advocate and supporter of amateur sports.
Lorne Lindsay & Gary Sinclair

Chris Allen

2 Dec., 1948 - 9 Mar., 2016

Club Champion 2010

Advisor - eHandicap
2013 - 2014, 2016

Vice Captain Scoring
2011 - 2012, 2016

LeBlanc Shield
Coordinator 2016
Captain's Table
2009, 2010, 2015

We are saddened by Chris' sudden passing on Wednesday, March 9.
He was born in North Bay, Ontario and spent many years in Ontario before relocating
to Burnaby in 2004. Chris studied chemistry at Algonquin College in Ottawa, but it was difficult finding a job in that field at the time so he worked for a couple of years doing road surveying. As this was seasonal work, he worked on contract jobs for the Federal Government during the winter; this eventually led to the offer of permanent employment. Although it wasn't in his original plans, he thus became a career civil servant, working as a programmer doing software development. He received his computer training through "on the job" courses as well as a few evening courses at Algonquin College. His career began with Statistics Canada, where he stayed for nine years, working at the government complex called Tunney's Pasture, west of downtown Ottawa. He transferred to the Canada Revenue Agency in downtown Ottawa, retiring from there in 2004. Chris joined our Club in 2006 and it wasn't long before he was recruited by the Vice Captain to serve on the Captain's Table, where he did a stellar job. This led to him being nominated to be Vice Captain-Scoring the following year. He served on our Board of Directors for two years in that capacity and then accepted an appointment as an Advisor to the Board in 2013 with the responsibility of maintaining our eHandicap system. Currently, he was preparing to undertake the critical roles of Vice Captain-Scoring, the eHandicap up-date reporting process and the senior, post-match position at the Captains' Table. Chris has enjoyed many successes on the links as a West Point member. In 2010, he was the Club Match Play Champion and also won the Len Brown Memorial trophy at the Putting Jamboree. Playing in the 0-18 handicap division, he's won the Bud Brown Eclectic four times, the Joe Dwyer trophy in 2009 and the Ed Angel competition (with Jim Mackie) in 2011. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Bob Jack Award, signifying his proficiency in the Away games.
Bob Jack 2012
Ed Angel 2011
Club Champion 2010
Putting Jamboree 2010
Bud Brown Eclectic (0-18)
2007 - 2008 & 2010 - 2011
Joe Dwyer (0-18)
2008 & 2009

We will miss his 14 handicap on the course and, most importantly, his devoted contributions to the management aspects of our Club.
Lorne Lindsay

Frank Maynard

1921 - 2016

Charter Member 1986

Captain 1986

Director 1989

Awarded the BCGA
40 Year Service to Golf Pin

Retired 1998

Frank was a long-time member of West Point, and was one of the 52 Charter Members of the Club. He was elected to the first Board of Directors, on April 26, 1986, as the first Club Captain. In 1989, he was elected as one of the three Club Directors.
At the Annual Banquet and Awards Nite of November 23, 1990, Frank was one of five members who were recognized for their outstanding support of Golf and the West Point Golf Club and was awarded the BCGA 40 Year Pin - "emblematic of true sportsmanship and devoted service to golf".
He stepped away from the club following the 1998 season,
when he felt he was no longer able to play to his accepted level .

Frank passed away on January 14, 2016 at age 95. He was a gentleman -
a Prince of a fellow who was known for his constant kindness,
politeness and consideration.

Tony Appel

1933 - 2016

Joe Dwyer Shield
2003, 2010
TNT Riverway 2007
LeBlanc Shield
(25+) 2006
Bud Brown Eclectic
(25+) 2005 & 2009

April 14, 1933 - January 1, 2016

Tony Appel passed away on New Year's Day, at the age of 82. Tony was a well-liked and respected member of WPGC for 12 years, from 2000 to 2011.
He was a gentleman.
In addition to his love of golf, Tony was a good tennis player, curler and avid bridge player. Tony is survived by his wife of 61 years, Ann.

Lorne Lindsay


Ozzie Isfeld

7 June, 1935 - 8 Nov., 2015

Member 1999 - 2013

Parker Shield (0-18)
2001, 2005, 2009

Bud Brown Eclectic
(0-18) 2004

LeBlanc Shield
(0-18) 2004

Ozzie Isfeld passed away peacefully on November 8 at Evergreen House in North Vancouver after suffering a stroke a year ago while on a cruise. He was 80 years of age and was a West Point Member from 1999-2013 winning his share of tournaments and golf balls along the way. His original foursome included Tony Appel & Art Roberts. He lately played regularly with Tony, Gordon Monteith & John Foster.

Ozzie was a farm boy from Manitoba who got a degree in Civil Engineering. He worked initially for the Federal Government & finished his career in Vancouver with a private engineering firm. He was an expert on the Fraser River flows, dredging & dock construction. He was a curler and a Master Bridge player (who put himself through college playing bridge). He is survived by his wife Shirley (married for 58 years), son Trevor, daughter Lauri and two grand daughters.
John Foster

Norm Kent

3 July, 1922 - 8 Oct., 2015
Retired 2013

Membership Director 1987

Joe Dwyer Shield 2009

Inaugural Putting Jamboree Champion 1990

Club Champion 1988

A Charter Member of the
"Shot His Age Club"

Charter Member 1986

Norm was a long-time member of West Point, among the Charter Members of April1986 and was elected to the first Board of Directors on January 30, 1987.
He stepped away from the club following the 2012 season, when he felt he was no longer able to play to his accepted level ("he could shoot his age well into his 80s").
Norm passed away October 8, 2015 at age 93.

Kent Curley

28 August, 1940 - 11 June, 2015

Palcutta Auctioneer
2008 - 2014

Palcutta 2006
Kent joined West Point Golf Club in 2006 and will be remembered for his great personality and, of course, for the role he played in our annual Palcutta competition.  Kent served as our Palcutta Auctioneer for the past 6 or 7 years, working closely with coordinator and good friend, Bill Trory.  Kent did his research and always had a keen insight into the potential contribution of each competitor.  He played on the winning Palcutta team his first year with the Club, in a foursome with
Brian Ciccozzi, Dave Stephens and Michael Alms.
Kent was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a short time ago (after the 2014 AGM) and realized that there wasn’t a cure, but he was still positive and upbeat – as he always was.  After undergoing several chemotherapy treatments, he lost his
short battle on June 11, 2015.
In addition to being a valued member of WPGC, Kent was an avid long-time curler and had a tremendous passion for making beer and wine – and he was extremely good at it.  He was also a meticulous gardener and enjoyed the time spent
shaping and tending to his garden.
Kent was 74 years old and will be missed by his family and many friends
in all walks of life.
Lorne Lindsay

Tad Yamasaki

Jan. 31, 1936 – Feb. 12, 2015

Super Senior
Champion 2012

Hole-in-One 2012

Tad started playing with our Club as a public walk-on when there were openings in our foursomes at McCleery.  He enjoyed the fellowship and friendliness of the members and eventually inquired about membership.  He officially joined West Point Golf Club in 2012 and was a committed playing member for 3 years.
Tad was a keen golfer, dedicated to improving his game.
In his first season, Tad was Super Senior Champion (ages 75-79) with low gross, runner-up in low net and finished second in Flight A of the Handicap Championship.  He was the runner-up in the 2013 Vintage Cup, ages 70-79.
Lorne Lindsay

Don Angus

21 Sept., 1919 - 5 Feb., 2015

Shot His Age Club
Twice in 2014

Don passed away Thursday, Feb. 5.  Many of us will have enjoyed his enthusiasm for our Club, life in general, and the wonderful stories he told of his 95 years of life.
We also remember the great article in the Vancouver Sun last year on Don and his golfing prowess and his promotion of our West Point Club.
Whilst his membership with West Point was short, his golf life spanned 85 years.
Andrew Hobbs

His shining hour in golf came at Fraserview on March 26, 1993 at age 73, he recorded a 67. He estimated, he had shot his age 30+ times.
Don was out of golf partners in early 2014 ( wonder why ?) and I asked him if he would like to join West Point. He accepted and I still remember the look on members' faces when I said he was 94. He really enjoyed his year at West Point and on many occasions he said to me "What a great bunch these guys are".
We should all be proud to have had him in our midst.
Barry Arnett


Roger Kronqvist

1932 - 2014

Handicap Champion
2003, 2008, 2010
Putting Jamboree (Team)
2005, 2006
Designated Ball 2007

Hole in One 2006 (Langara #2)

Retired 2012

August 9, 1932 - November 8, 2014

Sadly, we have learned that Roger passed away peacefully yesterday morning, at home.  He'd been to the Lions game on Friday night (November 7th) and wasn't pleased with the result.  On Saturday morning he was sitting in his recliner reading the sports page when he dozed off.  After about an hour, when his wife thought he should be waking up, she tried to wake him and he didn't respond.

Roger joined West Point in 1995 and remained an active playing member until he opted to become an Associate Member in 2011 and continue his affiliation with the Club. He retired from West Point in 2012.

He won the Handicap Championship in 2003, 2008 and 2010.
In 2005 and 2006, he was a member of the Putting Jamboree's winning Team.
In 2007, his foursome won the Designated Ball Competition.
The Hole in One (Langara G.C.- #2), in 2006, was a great delight to him.

Lorne Lindsay

Laurie Craddock

6 April, 1933 - 27 July, 2014

Director @ Large
2012 - 2014
Club Captain
2010 - 2011

Vintage Cup 2013-2014

Vintage Cup
Age 80+ 2013
Senior Master Champion 2013
Super Senior Champion
2009 - 2011
Palcutta 2011
Neil McIntyre 2008

Since joining West Point in 2007, Laurie was a familiar sight on the golf course with his truly relaxed swing.  He won many competitions, including the Super Senior Championship from 2009-11 and the Senior Master Championship in 2013.
In June 2014, he tied for the lead in the Senior Master Stroke Play and was
declared runner-up, based on back nine scores.
Laurie introduced the Vintage Cup competition in 2013 in an effort to recognize the achievements of all members, according to their age group.  He won the 80+ category in the inaugural year of the event. 
He served as Club Captain from 2010-11 and spent the past 3 years on the
Board of Directors, providing guidance and leadership.
His vast golfing knowledge and expertise were invaluable to our Club and Laurie made a major contribution to WPGC. 
Laurie was an enthusiastic and key figure in our 80th birthday celebration in 2012.  He quietly orchestrated the celebration and was the emcee for that portion of our AGM; he enlightened members with highlights of the Club's history, regaled us with jokes, and recognized various groupings of members.  After Laurie led us in the slightly off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday", an almost unrecognizable bewigged, skirted and army booted member emerged from a large decorated paper barrel cake!  Laurie's dedication to the spirit of West Point was much in evidence.

His friendliness and professionalism will be greatly missed.
Lorne Lindsay

Bud Cowlin

Aug.16, 1937 - July 8, 2014

Captain's Table 2010 - 2013

Flight C Champion 2011
Palcutta 2009, 2011
Neil McIntyre 2007

Ed Angel 2005

It is another sad day for West Point Golf Club. Bud Cowlin, a member since 2005, succumbed to his illness on July 8, 2014 at the age of 76.
Bud was a big man in many ways; he had a big heart and great strength of character. He often asked what he could do to help, so became a volunteer at the Captain's Table, where he assisted for 4 years.  It was a good role for Bud as he got to talk to most of the members when they finished their game.
  Bud was one of the few two-time winners of the Palcutta competition.  He was an individual with great wit and humour, and will definitely be missed.
Lorne Lindsay

Art Roberts

21 June, 1928 - 27 Apr., 2014

Low Net Senior Master
Champion 2013
Flight C Champion
Gross & Net 2013
Shot His Age Club 2012
Senior Master Champion 2009
Flight A Winner 2009
Super Senior Champion 2007

Art was very athletic and always active; he loved his golf and curling.  He joined WPGC in 2007 and was the winner of many competitions, most recently in 2013 when he was the Senior Master Champion, Low Net and the Flight C Champion of Stroke Play, Low Gross and Net.  When he was 84, Art shot his age at Langara and became eligible for the Ab Miles Tankard event.
Art’s cheery disposition was much appreciated and he always had time for members, whether they were old-timers or newer members.  It was a joy to play golf with Art and chat with him on the 19th hole. 
He was a man of great character and will be missed by his many friends.
Lorne Lindsay

Dave Fairweather
12 May, 1925 - 3 April, 2014

Honorary Membership
Bestowed Nov., 2013

Inaugural Lifetime Member
November, 2008

1989, 1990, 2002, 2003
Past President
1992, 1993
President 1991

Social Director 1988
TNT Langara 2008
Putting Jamboree
1991, 2001, 2008
Parker Shield 2008

Charter Member 1986
Retired 2012

We have lost another of our valued and long time members.

David Fairweather passed away on April 3, at age 89.
Dave's beloved wife, Gloria, had predeceased him 16 days earlier.

Dave was a Charter Member of West Point Golf Club in 1986 and provided excellent leadership during the formative years of our Club. He served on the Executive for 8 years, including two terms as Captain in 1989, 1990 and 2002, 2003, and
President in 1991. Dave was not only a student of the game, a master of golf rules,
a strong believer in golf etiquette, but a tireless volunteer on behalf of our members.
In 2008, he became the first member of our Club to be
honoured with a Lifetime Membership.
Dave's successful career as a pilot with Air Canada culminated with his
post-retirement appointment as Assistant Commissioner of the Air Canada Pavilion
at Expo 86 - a real feather in his cap - where he oversaw the construction and operation of the world class exhibit. Due to failing health over the past few years, Dave had not been able to play golf with us, but still maintained contact with many members and attended as many social functions as possible.

We will truly miss this fine gentleman.
Lorne Lindsay

Jim Appleby

10 May, 1939 - 20 Nov., 2013

Past President
2011 - 2012
President 2009 - 2010
Membership Director
2007 - 2008
Director at Large 2006

Hole-in-One 2009
TNT McCleery 2008
TNT Riverway 2007
TNT Langara 2005

West Point members, both past and present, mourn the passing of
Jim Appleby on November 20, 2013. 
Jim joined the Club in 2005 and served the membership in many capacities, including two years as President.  Jim loved his golf.  He will be missed for his friendship, leadership, integrity, sincerity and good nature.  Jim always had time for everyone and thoroughly enjoyed his years as a member. 
We’ve lost a true friend.
In his professional life, Jim worked tirelessly with the students, teachers and coaches in the Vancouver and Burnaby school districts, as well as prospective teachers at UBC and SFU.  As the District Principal for Physical Education and Athletics in Vancouver, he was a strong leader and well-respected by all his colleagues. 
Jim not only cared deeply for what he believed in, but he also fought for the principles he stood for. He was a man of tremendous character.
Lorne Lindsay

Don Lamb

6 Sept., 1926 - 2013
Age 86

President 2000 - 2001
Vice Captain 1995 - 1999

Ed Angel 1997

Don joined West Point in 1990 and stepped down in 2005 when he felt that he was no longer able to play golf to his expectations. Don was born and raised in Vancouver and attended Vancouver College. He served in the Canadian Army during WWII and also served with the Vancouver Fire Department for 35 years, retiring in 1986 as a District Chief. He loved his golf and acted as our Vice Captain for five years before serving two years as our President during the 2000 and 2001 seasons. Don was dedicated to his community and to his family.


Wally Lyle

6 Jan., 1923 - 2013

TNT McCleery 2007
Parker Shield 2005
Neil McIntyre 2002

LeBlanc Shield 1998

Member since 1996

He joined West Point in 1996 and was an Associate Member for the past couple of years, as he was no longer able to play golf to his standards, but wanted the maintain the contact with members. Wally was quite an athlete in his younger days and is fondly remembered by his fellow West Point members and high school friends, Al Williams and Norm Kent, among many others. Wally was held in high regard by the membership and had a great sense of humour; his good nature was legendary. Wally was a professional engineer in the construction division of BC Hydro and took up golf about 35 years ago. He enjoyed the camaraderie it provided.

Wally and I talked and exchanged emails over the past few years. When he was unable to attend the AGM, I inquired if everything was alright. He responded, "When I can't attend a function related to golf, things are not OK."

Wally will be missed.

Thoughts for the day:
"Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination" – Roy Goodman
"Saying good-bye is the most difficult thing in life – & we never learn to be good at it."
"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."

Lorne Lindsay


Jack Grant

4 April,1929 - 21 May, 2012

TNT Langara 2008
Joe Dwyer Shield 2004
Member since 1996

Social Director
1999 - 2000

As a retired prosecutor, Jack brought his strength of character and compassion to
the golf course, where he enjoyed the companionship of the Club members.

Lorne Lindsay


Bruce Groom

14 Jan., 1922 - April ?, 2012

Member since 1988
Retired 2011

Treasurer 1991

Charter Member
Shot Their Age Club

A gentleman and kind soul who will be missed.

Lorne Lindsay

Jesse Cove

Aug. 30, 1920 - March 19, 2012

Honourary Member 2010

Retired 2010
Joe Dwyer Shield
2000, 2001, 2003
Ed Angel 1998

President 1987
Charter Member - 1986
Constitution Committee
Barrister 1975
Another sad day in our lives.
I have just received an email from Graham Cove, son of Jesse Cove, advising us that Jesse passed away on Monday, March 19, at the age of 91.

Jesse was a Charter Member of WPGC in 1986, was our second president, and served as the barrister for the signing of our Constitution. Jesse had lots of great memories of golfing with WPGC and appreciated the friendships he developed over the years. Honourary Membership was bestowed on him in Nov. 2010. Jesse had been unable to attend our last AGM but I had been hoping he could come to our Opening Social.
Lorne Lindsay  
George Paquette

25 July, 1919 - 14 March, 2012

TNT Langara 2006

Retired 2011
George passed away on March 14 at age 92.
He had relinquished his membership in November 2011, after 22 years of enjoying the golf, friendships and companionship of the Club.
George was a true gentleman and will definitely be missed. George retired from the RCMP with the rank of Assistant Commissioner. He first played golf in Quebec City at age 26 and fell in love with the game. He played as often as his work schedule would allow and within 10 years, he was a 4 handicap and experienced 5 holes-in-one! George first shot his age at Langara in 1994 at age 75 and repeated this feat 14 years later (2008), shooting 89 at Langara.
Lorne Lindsay

Reid Mitchell, EdD

1926 - 2012

President, WPGC, 1975

TNT Langara 2004
Puttng Jamboree 1995
Neil McIntrye 1993
Signature Member
WPGC Constitution Committee - 1975

Charter Member
WPGC @ McCleery G.C. - 1986

Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education, UBC
Former Director, Teacher Preparation Program
Member - 1948 Canadian Olympic Games (London) Basketball Team


President 1990
Captain 1992
Secretary-Treasurer 1989
Vice Captain 1988

Honourary Member
Ed Angel
1988 & 1991
Charter Member

Ed was an active member in the West Point Golf Club dating back to the ‘50’s and played an important role in the planning and survival of the Club in subsequent years.
He felt with considerable pride, that the West Point Golf Club had a vital role in the golfing community by providing the opportunity for friendly competition and fellowship.  The Club has grown and thrived over the years due in great part to his concern for structure and respect for the Rules of Golf.
Back in July of 1973, Ed undertook a study which led to the men’s ‘Mid Week Club’ being formally authorized on May 7, 1974, as a division of the WPGC which played on Saturday and Sunday.  He was appointed Captain and Representative to the parent Club and at this time made a trophy in his name, available for the first year of competition.
Ed was very involved in the planning in early 1986, with the relocation of the West Point Golf Club to the McCleery Golf Course.  This had been made necessary due to the fact that new University Golf & Country Club structure, would no longer provide playing privileges for the WPGC.
In 1988 Ed was a very effective Vice Captain; continued on the Executive in 1989 as Secretary/Treasurer; President in 1990 and Past President in 1991.
He must be recognized for having made a very significant contribution in 1991 when he put together the history of the West Pont Golf Club from its beginning in 1932, up to 1990.  His dedication, talent and research, provides a look back to the beginning of the University Golf Course in 1930 and how in 1932 with the help of Harry Winder, the much respected first Pro for the Course,
the West Point Golf Club was formed.
We have just completed out 78th year, are a strong organization and will remember the important part which Ed Angel played in our history.

Dave Fairweather


Bob Duncan

1921 - 2011

TNT McCleery 2005
LeBlanc Shield
(25+) 2002

Member since 1986

Bob was born in Calgary on June 11, 1921. He was an early pilot, first with Queen Charlotte Airlines and then with Canadian Forest Products. He spent over 35 years flying for CFP, first on bush planes and then flying corporate jets. Bob and his wife Isabel, his wife of 67 years were avid golfers. He joined our West Point Club in 1996 stepping down in 2010. Bob will be missed by his many friends at WPGC.

Ray Morgan

1950 - 2011

2010 - 2011
Ray embraced life with enthusiasm and was always looking for the best in every person and every situation.
He enjoyed a few great years golfing with a fine group of gentlemen.

Emma Morgan (Mrs,)

Roli Parker

7 - May 2010

Past President 1989
President 1988
Secretary 1986 - 1987

Honourary Member
Charter Member

Kris Guttormson

Dec. 19, 1926 - May 15, 2010

Treasurer 2003 - 2004

George Sarich

July 19, 1936 - Sept. 2010

Social Director 2006
Director at Large 2005

Bud Brown Eclectic (25+) 2010
TNT McCleery 2006, 2008
TNT Langara 2005

President Jim Appleby has asked that I inform West Point members of the memorial service and celebration of George Sarich's life, to be held on Sunday, October 3, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Attendees are invited to bring a memory or story to share that would bring a smile to George's face. In lieu of flowers, you are asked to send donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or Diabetes Association.

The full obituary notice appeared in Saturday's edition of the Vancouver Sun.

Take care,

Russ Abrahmson

May 2010

Duncan MacInnes

June 24, 1934 - June 5, 2009

Vice Captain - 2007 & 2008
Handicap Champion 2007
LeBlanc Shield (0 - 18) 2007
TNT McCleery 2005

"Many of you will have already heard that Dunc passed away in Palliative Care
at the VGH Friday afternoon.  As a Club we have been fortunate to have Dunc
as a player, friend and Board Member.  Nothing was too much trouble and even
on the telephone his smile was always evident."
Jim Appleby

Ab Miles

1923 - 2009

Vice Captain 2000, 2001
Club Champion 1994, 1998
Senior Master Champion
2005, 2006, 2008
McQuarrie Hunter Tankard
2007, 2008
TNT Langara 2006
Joe Dwyer Shield 2006
Hole-in-One 2005
Bud Brown Eclectic (0-18) 2004
Parker Shield Eclectic 1993
Shot His Age Club 9 Times

Albert "Ab" Miles
Ab left northern Ontario and moved to BC in the mid-1960s. In his over 30 years with Ingersoll Rand he travelled extensively, notably to the Soviet Union, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. In retirement he remained active, regularly did the Grouse Grind, rode his bike around Richmond, and was a member of University and West Point Golf Club. He was Club Senior Master Champion in 2008 and could still shoot his age. Ab was involved with the Richmond Golden Rod n' Reels Club in their community activities, local outings, and fishing trips.


Gordon Monteith

9 July, 1931 - 2009

Handicap Champion 2008
Bud Brown Eclectic
(19-24) 2004 & 2005


Aksel Christensen

1930 - 2009

Neil McIntyre 1998
Member since 1981

Fred Griffin

1930 - 2009

Social Director 2004 - 2005
Treasurer 2006 - 2007

Ed Angel 2002
Parker Shield 2002

A lifelong resident of the lower mainland, Fred's working life was spent as an accountant and office manager in the insurance industry. He was an avid sportsman, starting with soccer and then, later, skiing. He belonged to Jericho Tennis Club for over 50 years and was a member of both University and Wes Point Golf Clubs. Fred and his wife, Nita, travelled extensively. After retirement they spent time in Palm Desert every winter. Fred enjoyed painting & piano-playing.


Cliff Gaynor

1918 - 2009

Vice Captain 1987
@ Large 1986

Charter Member 1986


Norm Watt

1926 - 2008

Putting Jamboree 2006
TNT Langara 2004
Putting Jamboree 2000


George Dedrick
1932 - 2007

President 2006
Past President 2007

Director @ Large 2002
Social Director 2002 - 2003
Secretary 2004 - 2005

Putting Jamboree 2002

Fred Wilkinson

Bob Jack 2003
Putting Jamboree 1997, 1998

Charter Member 1986

Jack Jones

2011 - at age 96

LeBlanc Shield (25+) 2005
LeBlanc Shield (19-24) 2002

Shot Their Age Club


Bill Gerard

May 2, 1923 - ?

Vice Captain 2002 - 2003
Parker Shield 2003
LeBlanc Shield (25+) 2004
Putting Jamboree 1999