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(Last updated on July 24, 2020)

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2019 Award Presentation Photographs

Tsawwassen GC Away Game Results

4 Members Shot Their Age on July 16th - 3 for the First Time!

John Dawson with a 77 from the Whites - One Under His Age

Richard Martin with a 78 from the Whites

Jim Selley with a 74 from the Reds

And a Repete Performace from Jack Plummer - 80 from the Reds

Kings Links Away Game Results

Mayfair Lakes Away Game Results

Congratulations are in Order For Ed Bobinski

He Undershot His Shot His Age Again on May 21

Well Done Ed!

West Point - UGC Interclub 2018

West Point at UGC
Who's the 90 Year Old?
The picture's just too good to delete. . .

He's 90 Now! And Shot 88 @ Langara on August 2, 2018