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(Last updated on October 14, 2019)

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Pagoda Ridge and BJ Away Games - Results

AND One Week After Andy,

Dave Stephens Joins the "Shot His Age" Club with a 79 at Fraserview!

AND Guess What - They're Both in the Same Foursome!

Andy Schmidt Has Achieved Golf's Holy Grail!

He Joins the "Shot His Age" Club with a 82 at Fraserview!

We WON! Our Interclub Matches with UGC!

We Were 1 Up at UGC & Ended 3 Up After Langara!

David Ng Joins the "Shot His Age" Club with a 79 at Langara!

BJ #5 Northview Ridge- Tuesday Aug 20, 2019 - Results

BJ Round 4 Northlands Results

Away Game #3 - Kings Links - June 17, 2019 - Results

Ed Bobinski Just Won the Ab Miles Tankard

By Shooting His Age !!!

Away Game #2 - Mayfair Lakes- May 27, 2019 - Results

Red Tee Shamble - Results

BJ #1 Tsawwassen Springs -Results

2018 Award Presentation Photographs

West Point - UGC Interclub 2018

West Point at UGC
Who's the 90 Year Old?
The picture's just too good to delete. . .

He's 90 Now! And Shot 88 @ Langara on August 2, 2018