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August 8th - John Dawson has Aced Langara's Hole #2

He's 90 Now! And Shot 88 @ Langara on August 2nd

West Point - UGC Interclub 2018

West Point at UGC
Who's the 90 Year Old?

Rob Sandhu's


2nd @ Langara
147 yards
July 5, 2018

Bob Jack #5 - Northview Ridge GCC - Invite

Bob Jack #4 - Northlands GCC - Results

Jack Plummer has Joined the "Shot-His-Age" Club

at 81 Years Young with a 79!

Bob Jack Away Game #3 - Kings Links Results

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Ed Angel - Winners & Final Top 10

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Neil McIntyre - Top 5 after Round 2 and Winners

David Butler has Joined the "Shot-His-Age" Club

with a 74 from the Whites!

Bob Jack Away Game #2 Mayfair Lakes Results

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George Drew Shot his Age Again

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